Jungle Dispatches

"A brave heart and a courteous tongue. They shall carry thee far through the jungle, Manling."

Rudyard Kipling

If life is a Jungle, proverbial or otherwise, how should we navigate it? 

On the journey, for sustenance, guidance and so as not to feel all terribly pathetic, sad and alone, we invite our fellow travellers to share their stories with us. Guerilla asks those who inspire us to contribute a concise, heartfelt piece on why and how they continue to make their way through this beautifully bewildering realm we are each born to travel.

What is your mission here - professional; personal? What are the challenges you face, the obstacles that impede your way? What or who inspires you, guides you, keeps you going, brings you joy and gets you back on your feet when you stumble? Moreover, how do you wake yourself up in this sensory-overloaded world? How do you stay awake? Do you have any elixir you wish to share?

The aim is to shine, for a moment, a loving flashlight on the people who inspire us, against all odds, to keep breathing, walking and slashing our way through the often heavy and apparently frightening environment in which we dwell. We don't need to attach labels - our contributors come from all walks of life: different countries, cultures, professions, social backgrounds, races and creeds.

What binds us? 

Don't let anyone tell you. We're born apparent individuals to discover for ourselves. If you have a project, passion or mission you wish to share and amplify, get in touch. Your story can make a difference. Together, we walk alone.


Dispatch #1: Guerilla - 01.05.21

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