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You probably won’t have heard of our authors.


This is because Guerilla was founded to launch into and preserve in print writers and thinkers and doers who are not necessarily instant "mainstreamers".

Guerilla seeks out unknown or little-known writers from around the world whose stories, to borrow from Emily Dickinson, might just "joggle" our minds. We are not overly concerned, in these flighty times, with following commercial publishing trends. Our mission is to find talent and to help it grow, guided by our renegade band of professional editors, which roams free from the constraints of publicity departments and book-buyers’ directives. Our sole stipulation is that our books be as full of intelligent thought and emotive artistry as they are of fine paper and luxuriant inks.

Once published by Guerilla, our authors have just begun. Through our network in the deeper literary jungle, we aim to help these writers command a broader stage. Bring on the reviews and create some affirming noise. An injection of quality thought into the flabby arm of mainstream consumerism.

We’re not trying to change the world - but our books are written for the people who do.

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