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Guerilla’s books are low volume and high quality. They are not necessarily designed to be bestsellers or blockbusters, but to preserve stories, observations, thoughts and experiences – variably referred to as ‘knowledge’ or even simply ‘literature’ – which might otherwise be lost.

(They may also make for an engaging, entertaining read, who can tell? - Ed)

Our numbered First Editions are produced by UK printers Ashford Colour Press from high quality paper using a traditional lithographic process. Our hardback titles are folded and gathered, linen-sewn, bound in Dubletta cloth and foiled and blocked by Green Street Bindery in Oxford. They are then hand numbered by our City & Guilds master calligrapher.

We don't stop there. Our rare books are handled by only a few, select independent booksellers, and through our online store. We therefore miss out the large-scale distribution process and avoid being forced into retail giants' discount schemes. This means we can offer our high quality titles to readers at a competitive price and, strangest of all, even pay our authors a reasonable royalty.

Moreover, we work closely and in person with each individual author. We want them to succeed beyond our pages. When they have successfully sold two or three limited runs, we offer our titles to mainstream and international markets. We offer eBook versions for those who, like ourselves, appreciate the joys of a physical library but also like to read on the go. Finally, we organise readings and signings at a variety of events and locations, from festivals to farm outhouses - cafes to concert halls.

The main thing is that Guerilla Books is more than just a small, independent publishing outfit. We are a network, dedicated to preserving quality in book production, both in material and content, with a desire to find new talent from all corners of the Earth. We believe in planting small seeds and watching great things grow, with a group of similarly-minded people supporting each other’s efforts and acting as touchstones to one another’s work.

The written word has been around for some time. Recorded in books, it remains undiminished as a fine if not infallible tool for communicating between human beings. It is always under threat of misappropriation, maybe more now than ever before.

Guerilla is here to do its part in seeing that words are transmitted well. We are reliant on others to help us. This is just the beginning. Who knows where it may lead?

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