"What if we answered a different call?"

- Silent Kin Howl

Guerilla is a gathering of souls determined to walk their own way. Guerillas are savvy self-educators, respectful of wise elders and bright young stars from all walks and climes, and are by and large unsatisfied with the offerings of our homogenised, mass-produced, hyper-marketed and brand-obsessed age. We see into the farce and the fear generated by our contemporary freakshow culture, and love and laugh at it in equal measure.

Who are we? We are writers, architects, artists, designers, gardeners, entrepreneurs, seekers and fools, driven by the desire to be the full expression of what we were sown here to become.


Our books are by turns unorthodox, harrowing, insightful, outsider, compassionate, connecting, truthful, shocking, humourous, breathless and wise. They aim to provoke us in thought, enfold us in feeling and reanimate our human spirit. We hope that in the age in which quality is often confused with market value, they may add a sprinkle of beauty and charm to the mainstream feeding trough of Mammon.

If you're awake in the Jungle, don't walk alone. There's a Guerilla in all of us. Alone together, we'll find our way. When the Jungle's about to burn, follow the river. We may not know where we'll arrive at, but we know which way we are called. 

Maybe you're a Guerilla, too?

Rappy heading.